ProPresenter Configuration for LED Center Screen and Ribbons | GracePoint Church Case Study

At GracePoint Church in Valparaiso, Indiana, we recently undertook an innovative project to enhance their worship experience through the installation of a cutting-edge Altitude LED system. This installation not only serves as a functional tool for services but also significantly elevates the aesthetic appeal of the space, proving to be a crucial asset for the church’s visual and media presentations.

Central Screen: A Cinematic Tool

The centerpiece of the installation at GracePoint is a large, central LED screen measuring 16 feet wide by 9 feet tall. Its standard 16:9 aspect ratio simplifies the process of displaying content, from motion backgrounds during worship to sermon and announcement videos. This screen stands out not just for its size but also for its high-quality 2.6-millimeter pixel pitch, offering superb resolution that remains clear and crisp even at a close range—ideal given the screen’s proximity to the front row.

Side Ribbon Screens: Enhancing Lateral Visuals

Flanking the main screen are two innovative side ribbon screens, each about two feet tall by eight feet wide. These utilize Altitude’s ultra-thin Cloud panels, designed specifically for permanent installations where flexibility in configuration and minimal physical intrusion are key. Like the main screen, these ribbons feature a 2.6-millimeter pixel pitch to ensure visual consistency across all displays.

Installation Flexibility and Safety

One of the unique challenges of this project involved the installation techniques required to accommodate the church’s structural and spatial needs. The center screen is flown, utilizing a robust system of joists and unistruts to ensure safety and stability, which is critical in flown installations. This approach not only secures the screen effectively but also conserves valuable stage space, a significant consideration for any church.

In contrast, the side ribbons are wall-mounted, showcasing the versatility in installation options Altitude LED provides. This adaptability ensures that the specific architectural and aesthetic needs of any space can be met with precision and safety.

Client-Centric Installation Process

The installation process at GracePoint was intensive yet swift, thanks to meticulous planning and coordination. Justin Piotrowicz, the church’s production director, detailed how the transition from a traditional projector setup to the new LED system was executed efficiently over just three days, with the help of volunteers and precise guidance from Altitude LED.

Technical Setup and Configuration

Configuring the screens for optimal use involved detailed technical setup, ensuring that content displayed correctly across the different screens and formats. This included adjusting scale and positioning to suit the side ribbons and central screen, ensuring that all visuals were harmonized across the different displays. The use of a Nova Star processor at the front of house allows for seamless transmission of data to the LED walls, making the operation smooth during live events.

The Power of ProPresenter

To maximize the capabilities of the LED system, GracePoint utilizes ProPresenter for media presentation. This software plays a crucial role in managing how content is displayed across the three screens, allowing for detailed control over themes, looks, props, and screen configurations. This setup demonstrates the powerful combination of hardware and software working together to produce a dynamic worship experience.


The project at GracePoint Church is a testament to how advanced LED technology can transform a worship space, enhancing not only its functionality but also its overall atmosphere. At Altitude LED, we are committed to providing our clients with the best in technology and support, ensuring that every installation is tailored to meet their unique needs.

For those interested in exploring similar transformations for their spaces, we invite you to reach out to us at Altitude LED to begin your journey towards a visually stunning and highly functional worship environment. Join us in redefining church experiences through innovative technology solutions.

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