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Install Plans

Altitude has partnered with Churchfront, a leading tech ministry resource center, to provide you the simplest installation options for your new LED screen. With the Altitude + Churchfront Easy Install Promise, you can move forward confidently with an install option that best fits your church.
Churchfront and Altitude LED Systems

Jake Gosselin – Churchfront Founder

Peace of Mind

Industry Leading
5-Year Protection

The last thing you have time to worry about is screen issues. That’s why we’ve implemented an industry leading protection plan that gives you full coverage for 5 years. Want a longer coverage period for your investment? We have a 10 year option available for the long haul.
LED Screens for Church
Camera ready

Optimized for Live Video

Your live stream and video records are an important part of your church outreach - therefore each component that makes up an Altitude LED screen is carefully selected to ensure a distraction free image.

Simplified Purchase Process

The process of purchasing an LED wall can become complicated, overwhelming, and confusing.

We simplify the process by walking you down a friendly and easy-to-understand path.

Your specific church needs are listened too by our experienced team who will ensure all of your questions are answered. Get started with our simplified process today.

Two Styles. One Reason.

We’ve narrowed down the options for one reason. To provide you a simple decision making process. Installing your screen permanently? CLOUD is your tool for the job. Wanting to reconfigure your screen every so often or have it be more “portable”? Then choose APEX.
Cloud LED Screen
Cloud LED Screen

Ultra-slim, lightweight and efficient. Designed for permanent installation. Fly it, wall mount it, ground support it. It’s easy with Cloud™.

LED Screens for Church

Created for those who want to disassemble their screens and re-configure them on a more frequent bases for set design or stage changes.

What is pixel pitch and why should I care?

Outside of screen size, this is the 2nd most important question you need to answer. This is also the area where the wrong choice can have devastating consequences. Don’t worry... We’ll help you with some tools and information that will help make a confident choice.

Pixel pitch is the distance between LEDs.

When you see numbers like 1.9 or 2.97, this means that the LEDs are 1.9mm or 2.97mm apart from each other. Why does this matter? The tighter the pitch (or smaller the number) the closer you can view the wall without visual distortion.

Determine your pixel pitch...measure from the first row to the screen location....

Once you've narrowed down your pixel pitch, talk to an Altitude LED team member for an in room demo. With the demo you'll be able to confidently move forward with the pixel pitch that is best for your church auditorium.

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