How to Configure ProPresenter with an LED Wall

In the realm of worship services, the visual experience is just as pivotal as the auditory. Understanding this, Altitude LED introduces a comprehensive guide to seamlessly integrate ProPresenter with Altitude LED Walls, ensuring your congregation enjoys a visually immersive worship experience. Jake Gosselin, our expert at Altitude LED, walks you through the nuances of content formatting for both center and side screens, ensuring your message is not just heard but also visually captivating.

The Foundation: Basic Configuration

Jake begins by laying the groundwork with a basic configuration setup. He explains how to adeptly configure ProPresenter with a video switcher to direct content to a center LED wall. A key focus is on adjusting the positioning of lyrics to ensure they are visible above band members on stage, enhancing the congregation’s engagement during worship.

Advanced Customization: Multiple Instances and NDI

Diving deeper, the guide explores the use of multiple ProPresenter instances to display distinct content on the center screen versus the side screens. This advanced setup is crucial for moments like sermons, where the focus should be on the message rather than the visual backdrop. Jake also introduces the concept of leveraging NDI (Network Device Interface) for more dynamic content management, allowing for both mirrored and unique content displays as needed.

Tailoring Your Visuals: Themes, Looks, and Practical Applications

Understanding the importance of customization, the guide covers how to utilize ProPresenter’s themes and looks to tailor the appearance of lyrics and other content across different screens. This ensures optimal placement and readability, enhancing the overall worship experience. Jake provides practical examples of how this setup can be utilized during various segments of a service, from songs and sermons to special moments like communion, showcasing the system’s versatility and creative potential.

Technical Insights for Optimal Performance

For those keen on the technical side, the guide doesn’t disappoint. It touches on crucial aspects like output resolution, aspect ratios, and hardware configurations to ensure your setup runs smoothly and delivers high-quality visuals. Whether it’s using a Sonet expansion chassis with a Black Magic Deck Link Duo or configuring the correct aspect ratio for your LED wall, these insights are invaluable for a seamless operation.

Join the Visual Worship Revolution with Altitude LED

At Altitude LED, we understand the transformative power of visual worship experiences. Our guide, spearheaded by Jake Gosselin, is just the beginning. We invite you to reach out to us for a personalized consultation and quote on implementing an LED system in your church. Elevate your worship services with Altitude LED and ensure your message resonates not only through words but through compelling visuals. Contact us today at Altitude LED and take the first step towards a visually immersive worship experience.

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