APEX LED Panel Breakdown | Apex by Altitude

The APEX panel is engineered to meet the diverse needs of dynamic stage environments, providing a combination of durability, versatility, and superior visual performance.

Key Features of the Apex LED Panel

1. Robust Cabinet Design:
The Apex Panel features a sturdy cabinet that houses all necessary components, ensuring a compact and efficient design. The cabinet’s design allows for seamless assembly and integration into any setting, whether it be mounted, flown, or ground-supported.

2. Innovative Power Box:
Distinct from other models in the market, the Apex Panel’s power box eliminates the use of ribbon cables. This not only reduces interference and potential damage during setup but also enhances the reliability of data and power transmission through direct contact points.

3. Front Serviceability:
All components of the Apex Panel, including power supplies, hub boards, and LED modules, are accessible from the front. This design is crucial for installations that are flush against a wall, simplifying maintenance and service without the need to access the panel’s rear.

Enhanced Connectivity and Assembly

4. Streamlined Cable Management:
The Apex Panel boasts minimal internal cabling compared to other units, simplifying the setup and reducing the risk of cable damage. Connections between panels are made through direct points that handle both power and data, ensuring a clean and reliable setup.

5. Easy Module Installation:
Modules are attached to the cabinet after all wiring and structural assembly are completed, ensuring a secure and precise fit. This method not only speeds up the installation process but also prevents any damage during assembly.

Durable and Adaptable Construction

6. Versatile Mounting Options:
The panel supports various mounting configurations, including wall mounting, flying, and ground support. Each setup is tailored to the specific requirements of the installation, with dedicated attachment points and supports designed to handle the panel’s weight and usage dynamics.

7. High-Quality Components:
We select only the highest quality components for the Apex Panel. The power supply and hub boards are sourced from manufacturers with over a decade of industry presence, ensuring longevity and stability. Our LED modules are also chosen for their durability and performance, capable of maintaining brightness and color accuracy over extended periods.

Future-Proofing LED Installations

8. Scalable and Reconfigurable:
The Apex Panel is built to be adaptable. Its robust construction makes it ideal for environments where panels need to be moved or reconfigured frequently. Whether you’re setting up for a single event or a permanent installation, the Apex Panel provides the flexibility and durability needed for creative stage designs.

9. Cost-Effective Longevity:
While designed for frequent reconfiguration, the Apex Panel also offers a cost-effective solution for permanent installations with its durable build and long-lasting components. It strikes a balance between upfront investment and long-term value, making it a smart choice for venues looking to maximize their visual display capabilities.


The Apex LED Panel by Altitude LED Systems represents a significant advancement in LED technology, designed to meet the rigorous demands of modern stage and event settings. With its innovative features and robust construction, the Apex Panel is set to redefine expectations, ensuring that your visuals are not only stunning but built to last.

For more details and to see how the Apex Panel can transform your space, visit Altitude LED Systems or contact our team for a personalized consultation. We’re here to help you bring your visual presentations to new heights with cutting-edge technology and expert support.

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