LED Screens in a Traditional Church Sanctuary (Altitude LED Client Case Study)

I want to give you a detailed rundown of the LED system we installed at Shiloh Seventh Day Adventist Church in Chicago, Illinois. This installation is a perfect example of how LED panels can transform a worship space. Let’s dive in!

The Main LED Wall

At the heart of Shiloh’s stage design is a stunning 30-foot wide by 10-foot tall LED wall, made up of our high-quality Apex panels. These panels feature a 2.97 pixel pitch, ensuring that even from the front row, the congregation can’t see individual pixels. The result is a beautiful, high-resolution display that enhances every worship service. This large LED wall serves as a versatile set piece, allowing the church to instantly change stage designs for different worship sessions or sermons, making the process seamless and visually appealing.

Enhancing the Stage with Side Screens

In addition to the main LED wall, Shiloh has two side screens positioned above the center screen. These are eight by 13 Altitude LED panels, using the same Apex technology. Both the center and side screens are wall-mounted, which helps them blend seamlessly into the stage’s overall design. The church has cleverly used black wood slatted acoustic absorption panels around the stage, so when the LED walls are off, they blend into the background almost invisibly. This design consideration ensures that the technology integrates smoothly into the worship environment without being a distraction.

Confidence Monitor for Seamless Worship Flow

One unique feature of Shiloh’s setup is the confidence monitor mounted on the balcony wall above the front of house. This monitor, also made of Apex panels, measures five by eight feet. It’s strategically placed to serve both the pastors and the worship band members, displaying lyrics, countdowns, and timers clearly. This helps everyone stay in sync during the service. The need for a large, clear display led them to choose an LED wall for the confidence monitor, ensuring readability from the stage despite the distance from the front of house.

Advanced Video Processing and Routing

The brains behind this impressive setup are the NovaStar processors, which are common in many of our installations. Shiloh uses three processors: one for the center screen, another for the side screens, and a smaller one for the confidence monitor. These processors take video feeds from sources like the Proclaim presentation software or live cameras and distribute them via CAT5 data cables to the LED walls, ensuring every image is mapped perfectly to its respective panel.

For the main screen, an HDMI signal runs from the Proclaim computer directly to the processor. A similar setup is used for the confidence monitor. For the side screens, they often display image magnification (IMAG) for preachers or special events like baptisms. This is achieved by pulling a mix effect from their ATEM Constellation switcher, allowing seamless switching between Proclaim content and live camera feeds.


The LED installation at Shiloh Seventh Day Adventist Church is a great example of how modern technology can enhance worship services. The combination of a large central LED wall, side screens, and a strategically placed confidence monitor ensures a cohesive and engaging visual experience for everyone involved.

If you’re inspired by this setup and want to explore how you can implement a similar system in your church, don’t hesitate to reach out. Visit us at Altitude LED for more information and to get started on your LED project today. Thanks for reading, and be sure to subscribe to our channel for more tips and insights on enhancing your worship experience.

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