Church Stage Design Ideas with LED Panels

Transform Your Worship Stage with LED Panels Hey everyone, Craig Dereka here with Altitude LED Systems. If you’re looking to add some unique elements to your stage and change things up, consider using LED panels. These versatile panels can be configured in various shapes and designs, adding creative flair to your worship service. Today, I’ll […]

Best Pixel Pitch for Church LED Screens

Demystifying Pixel Pitch for Your Church’s LED Screen Hello, Craig Dereka here from Altitude LED Systems. Today, I’m excited to delve into a topic that often seems complex but is crucial when choosing the right LED screen for your church: pixel pitch. Understanding pixel pitch is essential, particularly when considering the placement of your screen […]

CLOUD LED Panel Breakdown | Cloud by Altitude LED

Designed with versatility in mind, the Cloud is perfect for various installations, whether mounted to a wall, hung, or supported from the ground. Its low-profile design not only enhances aesthetic appeal but also simplifies the integration process into any environment. Streamlined Installation Process One of the standout features of the Cloud Panel is its streamlined […]

How Use Sunday Screens Content with an Altitude LED Screen

Transforming Worship Spaces with Sunday Screens and Altitude LED Walls In the modern era of church services, where the atmosphere and visuals play a crucial role in worship, integrating advanced technology with creative content has become essential. In this article, I will discuss how to effectively utilize Sunday Screens alongside Altitude LED walls to enhance […]

APEX LED Panel Breakdown | Apex by Altitude

The APEX panel is engineered to meet the diverse needs of dynamic stage environments, providing a combination of durability, versatility, and superior visual performance. Key Features of the Apex LED Panel 1. Robust Cabinet Design:The Apex Panel features a sturdy cabinet that houses all necessary components, ensuring a compact and efficient design. The cabinet’s design […]

LED Screens vs Projection Screens for Churches

Choosing Between LED Walls and Projection Screens for Your Worship Space As someone deeply involved in enhancing worship experiences through technology, I’ve had the opportunity to compare LED walls and projection screens side by side. Let me share some insights from this comparison, highlighting why LED walls are increasingly becoming my preferred choice for worship […]