ProPresenter Configuration for LED Center Screen and Ribbons | GracePoint Church Case Study

At GracePoint Church in Valparaiso, Indiana, we recently undertook an innovative project to enhance their worship experience through the installation of a cutting-edge Altitude LED system. This installation not only serves as a functional tool for services but also significantly elevates the aesthetic appeal of the space, proving to be a crucial asset for the […]

How to Program Visuals for Worship Songs (Resolume + Sunday Screens) Leveraging Resolume and LED Walls for Enhanced Worship Visuals As someone deeply invested in the integration of technology and worship, I’ve had the privilege to explore how advanced tools like Resolume can transform the visual experience of worship. I recently sat down with Ezra Cohen from Sunday Screens, a seasoned designer of visuals for […]

How to Configure ProPresenter with an LED Wall

In the realm of worship services, the visual experience is just as pivotal as the auditory. Understanding this, Altitude LED introduces a comprehensive guide to seamlessly integrate ProPresenter with Altitude LED Walls, ensuring your congregation enjoys a visually immersive worship experience. Jake Gosselin, our expert at Altitude LED, walks you through the nuances of content […]

AI Church Stage Design

In the evolving landscape of worship and production ministry, the integration of technology has opened new avenues for creativity and expression. Among the forefront of these innovations is the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in crafting hyper-custom stage designs. This approach is not just a leap into the future of church aesthetics but a testament […]