About Altitude LED Systems

Who We Are

Jake Gosselin, founder of Churchfront, brings his extensive expertise as a worship leader and tech director to our mission. His passion for enhancing worship services with technology guides our approach at Altitude LED. Craig Dereka, with decades of experience in manufacturing and the founder of Pro Church Lights, brings an unparalleled depth of industry knowledge. Together, they have created Altitude LED as a sister company, committed to serving churches with top-tier LED solutions.

For the Church

Our focus is exclusively on providing LED screen solutions tailored for church environments. Unlike general-purpose providers, we specialize in systems that meet the specific aesthetic and functional needs of worship spaces. Craig’s attention to quality ensures that every component—from LED lamps to hub boards—is selected for longevity and performance, setting our products apart from the market.

Innovative Solutions

Altitude LED is about more than just equipment; it’s about creating immersive worship experiences. We employ advanced technologies, like AI for generating unique visuals such as stained glass effects, and collaborate with industry leaders like Sunday screens to offer dynamic visual elements that truly enhance worship.

Our Promise

We are partners in your ministry, committed to providing LED solutions that not only fit your church’s technical needs but also support and enhance your worship goals. With our background in church-focused technology and LED manufacturing, we are uniquely positioned to help you navigate the complexities of LED systems.

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